How to optimize title tags?

Every time we start a new article on the website, we must name and optimize for title tag (required) and description tag (optional)

Writing the title as well as your declaration of the main content of the website with Google, what your article is.

The description tag will also be an effective assistant to help you clarify the main content of the article, integrate cleverly the main keywords need SEO or related keywords.

In order for users to search on Google, the results from your website appear with title tags that have accurate & stimulating content, with description tags to help readers better understand what they are about to read.

From there, you will get a high click-through rate, which is a criteria Google evaluates to decide which websites to put in the top 10.


Customers search from Google almost anyone will look through the title displayed on the search results before clicking on the site to see if the title tag is the same content they want to search.

If you have studied the article 7 internal optimization techniques in the website, you will realize the importance of optimizing onpage SEO currently positively influence how small to SEO.

And writing the right title tag, standard SEO description tag is also a factor that you should do well.

You can set arbitrary title tags at any page on your website, and should include a title that contains keywords.

Placing a good, honest, full title of the article, with a little adjective will make it easier for customers to click on your website. (Higher CTR rate).

However, some websites also take advantage of this to “snatch” the title, but when customers don’t find what they need, the back button is the fastest, and Google thinks your content is not quality.