3 Tips To Keep Seo Standard for Blogs

How to keep SEO standard for blogs? Let’s check out the tips below to enhance your articles!

Keywords: Identify keywords with many people searching

For beginners, when you start writing an article, you should take the time to learn and analyze the keywords you are targeting. Currently there are many free tools to assist you in analyzing keywords to achieve high efficiency such as: adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner. You need to determine the exact keywords you need to do to serve your business well and start planning articles for that keyword.

Next related to keywords is avoiding keyword stuffing: Never abuse keywords in your article. Google is very difficult to determine spam content, causing your site to drop search rankings. Content with keyword stuffing too much> 5%, your article has been blacklisted. Take advantage of keyword phrases to insert content appropriately and make sure that in one article you don’t use more than 2 times for long keyword phrases and 5 times for single keywords.

Article title – Description

The title of the article is very important in the page. The maximum length for the title is between 10 and 70 characters, and you must include the keyword. Create an appeal for your writing through smart and logical headlines, preferably with a short title that can cover the entire content.


Description tag: Some people think that the description is no longer so important in SEO but the fact when searching on google still highlights the keywords in the description. Description tag is used to briefly introduce the content of your website. It is a key factor for customers to visit your website.

As a business blog, write a description that creates curiosity and contains keywords to attract users.

Optimize images

The article must have images to illustrate. How do customers see images that visualize the content you want to say and especially have to describe the image via the “alt” tag. And remember that image description contains the keyword phrase.