Application and benefits of SEO

Unlike other forms of customer search, SEO brings accurate results for customers when they are looking for your products and services.

When you need to search for a product or service, the first thing you have to do is Google. The more your website is located, the more likely you are to get visitors, thereby giving you more opportunities to sell your products.

In fact, at the present time, when all fields are having fierce competition, websites on TOP are successful SEO websites.

Here are some benefits of doing SEO:

  • Cost is lower than other types of advertising.
  • Bring back customers who are looking for products / services -> high conversion capacity.
  • Easy to expand markets, customers.
  • Help expand product portfolio easily
  • SEO helps improve corporate branding
  • SEO increases the reputation of the business.
  • The skills needed to do SEO

Build Website: Here you should know about HTML & CSS, but you need to know how to customize the website as you like.
Keyword research: This is one of the important steps to finding important keywords for the website.
Content building: When there are too many websites doing SEO like you, Content is the deciding factor.
SEO Onpage: When building content, you need to optimize the content on the page.
Link building: Finally, build links pointing to the Website.

In addition to bringing income, enhacing your brand, SEO also helps a lot for you.

#1. Increase website optimization ability
When doing SEO you need to know how to optimize the Website from domain names, content, interface, onpage optimization, … This makes your website more easily found by Google.

#2. Increase writing skills
When understanding what SEO is, you will understand more about how to write content to attract customers.

# 3. Understanding more about Marketing
Not just SEO, when you do SEO you know a lot more about things relating to SEO. Maybe you will learn more about SEO support tools like Social Network, Adword Ads, Email Marketing, …

SEO is just a very small part of Marketing, but thanks to it, I believe many people will learn more about marketing as well