Five Ways SEO Can be Helpful During the COVID-19 Pandemic (part 1)

When the COVID-19 or any other pandemic hits, life is taken priority over anything else. This means that businesses will take a hit and the predictions of economic collapse sometimes might leave many people convinced that there isn’t much else they can do. However, it will surely come to an end and while you shelter from the pandemic, you can even use SEO to sustain your business effectively in different ways.

It’s time to show empathy

When things are good, you often say something like that “we understand, we care, valued customer” or much more. When a pandemic hits, it’s time to really walk that talk.

Remember those who comment in your discussion forums, receive your newsletters, or even left great reviews about your business. Is this the perfect time to shove your products down their throats? Certainly not, but it’s time to become an understanding friend. The content you write down and share should let them know that you know what they are facing’. It is a good idea to show the human side of your business. People will feel happier when they know that they can relate to a business that understands the situation. If your business is helping the community in some way, find a way of including it in your content or share that in a newsletter.

Advancing Your Brand

SEO is a tested branding tool. When there is a pandemic, that remains the case. People might have no use for your products or services because they worry about their jobs and trying to keep themselves healthy.

However, that doesn’t mean they are offline.

They are quarantined at home and searching for different things related to COVID-19, including products and services that can make their life easy during the pandemic.

You can tweak your content so that your brand is shown up in it. However, remember that at a time like this, it might not be appropriate for your business to share humorous memes even if it will help your brand get noticed.