How to write a compelling article title that attracts many readers?

Writing a catchy title is important to the article writer, you are an editor or blogger when you create a content that interests you how to make your article the most viewable?

If this is the case, then you have come to the right place, this article will share the tactics of writing the title to hypnotize the readers to click immediately.

To do that, you should first think about what your content will provide to your readers, which is really useful, if not for this element, how much of a title would you attract the reader? Go to the page but will definitely not retain customers, and next time you see your posts they will skip.

First write for readers to provide what readers really want to do this, you have to research and find out what your audience really wants.

Combined with Copywriting technology will help your article more optimized, more impressive to readers through which you build trust, trust is also an important part of branding and authority for site.


You need to distinguish the title of the article (Headline of article – H1 tag) on ​​the page, and the SEO title (Title tag) that appears on the search engine, usually 2 Titles can be used with content, but if you want other things to be different but the content should still convey the same meaning and are the most important phrases of the article are condensed.

Your title assures the following elements:

Before writing a good title, you need to think

What does your content address?

Need to Show the most important point of the content

The title should contain the most important phrase in your content

Do not use more than 25 words to write a title

Number of characters should not exceed 80 characters (should be between 35-70 characters)