How to write a standard article

Google Search Box

Google suggestion helps you search for keywords.

You just need to type the keywords you want to target “how to write seo standard” then you crawl down the end of google. You will see the keywords that google suggests.

Click on these keywords and then crawling down again, you will come up with other related keywords.

Don’t believe your parents’ words

Do parents tell you: “You have to leave the best part at the end” when you were young?

Perhaps it will be helpful in case of talking about eating, but in the article, especially SEO copywriting, it is a bad advice.

When you go to school you get teachers to tell you to build a great and excellent ending. Everything must end in the end!

But the truth is when you write articles including Content Marketing & Coypwriting, people are not there because of the ending. The truth is that only 30% of readers will read your whole article.

So at this point, it’s best to put your best content “top” in the first place

This way – like when you write an article – your readers can gather the information they need and if they give up halfway, they also have the necessary information.

For example, 6 out of 10 people will share your post without reading it fully. So, by providing them with information sooner, rather than later, you are almost optimized to share.

They get the highest perceived value of your content and they will tend to convert sooner

Here is a summary of how you can create a standard SEO content:

Step 1: Get up to topic & keyword research
Step 2: Upload the article structure

Article structure: Don’t get the best part to the end. Give your audience the most useful information from the beginning.
Step 3: Optimize SEO articles
Step 4: Increase the rate of interaction and retain customers in the post with ways

Introduction: If your first introduction is not correct, you will lose a small amount of traffic. You can study my 3 solutions above.
Title: Create a catchy title by adding words that express positive or negative emotions in it.
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