Online marketing: Your best tips (part 3)

Advertisement Congruence

When your business runs ads, this tip is one of the most important online marketing ones. Ad congruence is at the time your landing pages and advertisements look alike or have a similar message.

Have you clicked on ads and then been taken to pages which appeared nothing like the ads?

If your ads appear like the web pages that they lead to, your customers will feel like being in the right place. When your ad is different from the page to which it is linked, your customers will likely be confused. They may then exit out of your site. As you want the conversions, be sure your landing pages and ads are congruent.

For example, this is one of Indique hair’s Facebook ads for their item of the month that is for premium hair extensions. Once a customer clicks on the ad, they will be immediately taken to the landing page for the item of the month. Both the landing page and ad told their customers about similar information and said that a discount is available.

It is among the best tips for online marketing to have in your back pocket. When your ads fail to lead to conversions, it may be because they do not match their landing pages. Be sure you double or triple check them.

Write Blogs

They can help out your SEO. Writing longer blogs full of related keywords and rich in content will trigger a response from the search engine for ranking your site higher. Also, it adds value for your customers.

When they have inquiries and you write blogs about them, you have answered their question as well as becoming a reliable source for information. That is when you have developed a connection before even meeting them. Start with your blogging!