Online marketing: Your best tips (part 6)

Why not integrate social media channels into your site?

Are you not already doing so? Then, you should be. It is significant to have a social media presence to grow your business and boost engagement. Your business should be on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The social media icons had better be visible on the website.

It is a simple way of potentially gaining followers. When potential customers follow you on these social media, it is possible for you to reach them using tactics such as boosted posts. 

The Boost Posts

The organic reach from Facebook can be not predictable. This social site only displays your content to a limited percentage of the followers. Plus, there is one good chance that your content will become lost in between every meme as well as Happy Birthdays.

Facebook is one pay for playing platform. In other words, if you want a broad audience sees your content, you are asked to pay for it. When you boost your posts, engagement can be higher, and you can promote your services or products. It ensures that the content is right in front of the target audience.

Utilize Google Analytics

If you have no idea of what Google Analytics is, it is essentially one automated way of collecting data on potential customers. With it, you can find the answer to questions such as “Why did the customers go to my checkout page yet not make a buy?” or the duration that they are spending on the site. This one can track every movement on the website which your customer makes.

When your customers go to your checkout page with products in the cart but not buy them, something seems wrong, and this Analytics will inform you. Then you can solve it quickly.