Online marketing: Your best tips (part 8)

Give away some free stuff

Customers receiving a free item are 20% more likely to tell about the free product with others than they are about one product they paid for. When giving away the product for free, you pay for the advertising that is word of mouth.

A great example should be Spotify. They offer one free version to customers. Not all, they deliver a free one-month trial regarding premium ad-free music. When their customers are hooked as well as seeing they can get more with the paid attributes, you may upgrade to one premium account, particularly after the free trial of 30 days.

Use social media to involve with your customers

They love to engage with brands. Also, they like it since a brand reciprocates. For example, Wendy’s and the popular case of #NuggsForCarter. Here, Carter Wilkerson tweeted at the leading fast-food chain as well as asking the number of retweets that he would need to get to receive one year of free chicken nuggets. Here, Wendy’s answered with 18 million. Your brands do not need to go all out similarly to what Wendy’s did, yet replying to customer inquiries on social media platforms is one sure way of putting the brand above the rest.

Realize which platforms to be on (B2C vs. B2B platforms)

Are you a B2B firm? You will desire to make sure you rely on social platforms to cement relationships with other businesses. We suggest using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Are you a B2C firm? You will wish to be on every social platform that customers use, say, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Plus, consider using Google and Yelp as these platforms help develop social proof. As the target audience is in the Customer Buying Cycle’s ‘consideration’ phase, your brand has developed trust as well as legitimacy.