Online marketing: Your best tips (part 9)

Make use of video

Rely on video as often as possible to showcase products and solutions. You know, video content tends to be king, as well as driving up to 85% of search traffic in the US. That means the video is viral, and your business needs to produce the captivating video.

You see, posting a video on one social media platform is one easy way to showcase the product as well as how it works. Reportedly, video ads generate higher engagement and higher click via rates compared to traditional static advertisements. Not all, they enable your potential customers to know about your product before landing on your site. With videos, they are better informed about the product or service that can lead to better conversion rates.

Consider checkout optimization

It is one major problem for eCommerce stores; hence, if you have one, do not miss to optimize the checkout process.

You know, customers abandon their cart frequently for many reasons. They may be second-guessing their buy, or maybe they do not trust your website to deal with their credit card information. Do you know how to build trust on the checkout page? How to make your buyers feel safe when providing you with their credit card information?

To begin with, be sure the check out page appears legitimate and secure. Get as transparent as you can, and make sure that no hidden fees are present. It’s one bummer for customers to go all the way to the checkout process’ end only to be hit with one hefty shipping fee. Be sure the process is optimized. You know, the carts are less abandoned, which means there are more sales for the business!

Management of Reputation 

Your customers can turn into ambassadors for your brand when having a good experience and sharing it on social media.