Presenting content Clean & Clear (Neat and Clear)

The users do not read but just browse your SEO content. So you need to make the text easier to read will attract and keep readers’ attention.

And here are 5 ways to present neat and clear SEO content to help readers easily capture information.

  1. Use Subheading H2 or H3

Break the content into sections (paragraphs), using the Subheading set before each section, this is how to structure the article, the framed article and the important content of the article shown in the section H1, H2. So it is easy to grasp the main content of the article.

  1. Create bullets list

Use Bullets or lists (5-10 items)

They look different from the rest of the text, so they create a visual disruption for your readers. Bullet creates a charm that makes them irresistible and it is an easy way to present many points.


  1. Use short paragraphs

Readers are very impatient to read long texts, so to avoid frustration and help readers to lose energy when reading, each paragraph should be 3-4 lines, not longer than 5 current. You need an idea for each paragraph, make sure each paragraph is at most 3-4 sentences.

  1. Use related links to add useful information

Internal links to related content will keep everyone on your site and and add current article information to readers.

External links show that you have studied the topic and want to highlight it to increase credibility. Good content uses both to broaden readers’ understanding and add value to them.

  1. Highlight important paragraphs

Add emphasis on your content by summarizing and highlighting important concepts. The reader will be able to scan and select the most important information at a glance.

Mark the main points by Bold, Italicized or use other color text colors.

With 5 tips above, hope you now know how to present SEO content neat and clear.