Some SEO experience you should know (Part 2)

Some SEO experience you should know (Part 2)

  1. Note about the number of keywords

Usually on every website there are many words. So how do search engines determine what is the most important word to describe your website?

The search engine will count the number of words on the website. Words or phrases that appear frequently, with high frequency will be judged more important. Search engines use algebraic calculations to calculate the importance of each keyword on each page. The number of occurrences of a keyword divided by the total number of words on a web page is an indicator that determines the “weight of the keyword” (keyword weight). The higher the “weight of the keyword,” the higher the importance of the keyword, and vice versa. This is one of the important factors in planning a website optimization strategy.

Reducing the number of keyword occurrences reduces the ability of your site to improve its position. Keywords should be present on the site a number of times so that search engines can appreciate the importance of that keyword.

So, how do I know exactly how many times a keyword needs to appear on a web page in order for it to rank high? Refer to the currently highest ranking websites for those keywords. This is how you can know how much “keyword weight” should be designed to achieve the highest ranking on the search engine.

  1. The position of the keyword is also a point you should keep in mind

Put keywords in positions that search engines appreciate. You have determined how many times the keyword needs to be repeated on the web, now is the time to think about where to put the keyword?

The position of keywords on the website is also a very important factor in website optimization strategies. Search engines will take care of some parts of the site, if the keywords found there will be judged more important than others.