Things to keep in mind when writing SEO (Part 1)

In the past few years, the appearance of seo service has created a very strong impression on everyone. Along with the development of science and technology, seo is also becoming more and more popular in the eyes of customers. However, for successful web seo requires a process, a very fanciful strategy along with it is […]

Some SEO experience you should know (Part 2)

Which positions are assessed as important? They are: title, header, hyperlink, URL keyword, words at the top of the page. 4.Click common Another factor that also influences the ranking of a web page in search engines is “popular click”. The number of visitors who click on the link to visit your site from the results […]

Some SEO experience you should know (Part 1)

A website is considered successful when it attracts many visits; And to do that, in addition to good content, good form, it is very important to help visitors find it online, but how do visitors find the website? According to statistics, is currently the most visited website in the world. Google provides visitors with […]

What is a standard SEO web?

SEO website has become more and more difficult for many people, Google has become more intelligent and strict in ranking issues. Although the evaluation criteria are many, the standard SEO web is one of the important factors determining rankings, helping you get more interaction with customers. So what is SEO standard website? Why need 1 […]

The opening of a standard SEO article

Title of the article Any SEO article structure, there must be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In the opening part, there are two important factors that help users decide whether to read the article and stay at your website? It is the title and short description of the whole article. Structure of writing […]

How to optimize title tags?

Every time we start a new article on the website, we must name and optimize for title tag (required) and description tag (optional) Writing the title as well as your declaration of the main content of the website with Google, what your article is. The description tag will also be an effective assistant to help […]

How to write a compelling article title that attracts many readers?

Writing a catchy title is important to the article writer, you are an editor or blogger when you create a content that interests you how to make your article the most viewable? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place, this article will share the tactics of writing the title […]

6 blogging tips for SEO

SEO for websites as we have introduced in the previous articles includes many different methods and stages. And one of the important methods that marketers often use is blogging. In this article we share tips for you to write the blog that is most beneficial for SEO. There are a lot of tips available on […]

Absolute Links vs. Relative Links – SEO Value

The debate between absolute links and relative links continues to live on in the SEO world. The individual significance of each has been contested, but it is widely regarded that absolute links provide better SEO value on the whole than relative links. Many believe that absolute links have less potential for getting messed up when search engines […]

Incorporation of Company Branding and SEO

SEO is not an exact science. This becomes apparent when trying to incorporate both SEO and branding into a strategy. This process is finicky to say the least. On the one side, SEO deals with the placement of keywords and phrases. On the other side, branding deals with company loyalty and culture. Incorporating both sides dilutes the […]