Five Ways SEO Can be Helpful During the COVID-19 Pandemic (part 3)

Provides Hope for After the Pandemic For many businesses, the future is uncertain. The world is now dipping into a recession so cuts will have to be made and picking up yourself after that will not be easy. It helps to invest in a long term marketing strategy that will provide your business a way […]

Five Ways SEO Can be Helpful During the COVID-19 Pandemic (part 2)

Offers Businesses a Lifeline Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are stuck at your homes, clients can’t come to your office and your business seems to be spiraling to a crush. But don’t lose hope because SEO will come to your rescue. Remember that under a circumstance like that, people are online […]

Five Ways SEO Can be Helpful During the COVID-19 Pandemic (part 1)

When the COVID-19 or any other pandemic hits, life is taken priority over anything else. This means that businesses will take a hit and the predictions of economic collapse sometimes might leave many people convinced that there isn’t much else they can do. However, it will surely come to an end and while you shelter […]

SEO Trends in 2020 (part 2)

1: The SERPs Will Become More Consolidated  The quantity of zero-click searches (called “position zero” and “rank zero snippets” as well) are going up. It implies that you will find a solution in that spot on the search result page as opposed to tapping on a link and visiting a website page. This SERPs consolidation […]

SEO Trends in 2020 (part 1)

SEO is significant for site owners, digital marketers, and brands of all sizes in light of the fact that, more or less, it permits your website to show up in the indexed lists when somebody types or talks a question for which you have an answer. As it were, it expands a site’s perceivability in […]

Online marketing: Your best tips (part 10)

Management of Reputation  Some customers can become the worst nightmare of yours when leaving a bad review. You know, it is vastly important to thank your customers that leave good reviews as well as communicating with customers leaving bad ones. You see, reputation management is considered a critical online marketing trick and can humanize any […]

Online marketing: Your best tips (part 9)

Make use of video Rely on video as often as possible to showcase products and solutions. You know, video content tends to be king, as well as driving up to 85% of search traffic in the US. That means the video is viral, and your business needs to produce the captivating video. You see, posting […]

Online marketing: Your best tips (part 8)

Give away some free stuff Customers receiving a free item are 20% more likely to tell about the free product with others than they are about one product they paid for. When giving away the product for free, you pay for the advertising that is word of mouth. A great example should be Spotify. They […]

Online marketing: Your best tips (part 7)

Email marketing It is still vitally crucial to businesses, however big or small they are. Sending these emails to your customers is considered a cost-effective way of marketing to them directly. It is similar to snail mail yet better. You can add graphics and photos as well as calling to action. You will also know […]

Online marketing: Your best tips (part 6)

Why not integrate social media channels into your site? Are you not already doing so? Then, you should be. It is significant to have a social media presence to grow your business and boost engagement. Your business should be on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The social media icons had better […]