Ten Free Professional SEO Tools That You Can Try (part 1)

The SEO tools market now has become stronger than ever. Although there’s a dozen tools available for any SEO task, finding the right one for you may take more than just your time. Here is a list of the best free professional SEO tools, letting you experience the entire functionality without risking spending any fee.

1. SEO PowerSuite


  • 7 days free trial
  • Desktop software
  • Handles the entire SEO workflow
  • There is a functional free version
  • No credit card needed
  • No limits on features in paid version
  • Once the trial is over, you are automatically demoted to the free version

Standout features:

SEO PowerSuite is an umbrella suite that contains four SEO tools: one for technical and on-page SEO audit, one for backlink analysis, one for rank tracking, and one for link building.

The major feature of SEO PowerSuite is doing away with limits. The desktop nature of the SEO tools allows users to be able to track as many keywords, create as many projects, and research as many backlinks as you could ever need.

Moreover, with every single task you get to research your competition, you should see their ranking keywords, backlink history, on-page SEO tactics.

2. SE Ranking


  • 14 days free trial
  • Handles the whole SEO workflow
  • Cloud-based tool
  • It doesn’t acquire users to input their credit card
  • No free option
  • When the trial is over, you can’t use this SEO tool

Standout features:

On top of offering instruments for backlink research, rank tracking, and more, one of the most standout feature of SE Ranking is their Lead generation tool, which is most suitable for an SEO agency: you get to place a webform on your website that is connected to SE Ranking API. The user then can have a chance to put in their contact info as well as have the pages they want instantly audited.