The difference between SEO and Adwords

SEO and AdWords are website optimization services with search engines to increase traffic to a website customers search for “a word” or a “phrase” on the search engine (Google, Yahoo , Bing …). However SEO and Adwords are different in marketing.

Results displayed in the “light red” area are AdWords advertising results. The results displayed in the “light green” area are SEO results (natural results). According to research customers will click on natural results which are about 65% (35% click on adword ads).
Google Adwords advertising) is a form of paid advertising to appear on the search results page. Google Adwords allows you to place your ad on the right hand side or the top position of the search results page on Google and other affiliate sites. Internet users type in keywords related to your product or service and your ads appear in search results pages. The visitor will click on your ad and it will take them directly to your site.

However, your ad will pay every time someone clicks on the ad, the price of this keyword will depend on where it appears from your ad as well as its competition. Usually a click will cost about 1$ per click . Highly competitive keywords can reach up to 3 – 5$ per click.

If you want to do PPC – Adwords advertising, it’s easy, no matter who has an international credit card such as VISA, MASTER CARD, you can register and run ads. But making SEO website is much more difficult, you can spend several million to study SEO or can hire service companies to do it for you , it’s much faster.

Implementing keyword SEO is a very independent job. But to achieve the best performance, it should be used in conjunction with other tools such as Social Media, Email Marketing, ..

In Vietnam, SEO keywword is increasingly popular, is considered as a money-making profession, a job full of thinking or a unique creative field!