The opening of a standard SEO article

Title of the article

Any SEO article structure, there must be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In the opening part, there are two important factors that help users decide whether to read the article and stay at your website? It is the title and short description of the whole article.

Structure of writing standard SEO articles

The title of the article must be short, focusing on key words. Obviously, it is easy for Google people to understand and users to interact more easily.

Limit 60-67 characters. Title CTR jerks may be longer. Some professions may have longer characters.

Title is unique, attractive to users.

Contains keyword. The homepage contains a brand keyword. Because the current SEO trend is E A T. Focusing on Expertise, Authority, Trust.

Start with odd numbers, causing curiosity. According to research, headlines that start with odd numbers are easier for readers to click than even numbers.

Short description of the article

This is an extremely important part. The article description must be generalized and must be stimulated for the reader. In order to serve Google BOT, a short description will have to meet the following factors.

Limit 150-155 characters. Except for the part of the date that the coder caused. If the web code itself and know SEO, then from 155-160 characters.

70 initial characters contain keywords

Repeat 1 times the main keyword, 1 – 2 related keywords.

Or repeat 1 main key, 1 brand key and 1 LSI key.

Table of contents

Use the functionality of the plugin in wordpressto help readers visualize the overview of the content of the article.

If your website is using wordpress, then use the plugin.

Other platforms add sitelink in posts.

Help users easily read the necessary information with them.

This section is also called the table of content (WP has plugins, supports web code with PHP to better customize the internal link section later).