Things to keep in mind when writing SEO (Part 1)

In the past few years, the appearance of seo service has created a very strong impression on everyone. Along with the development of science and technology, seo is also becoming more and more popular in the eyes of customers. However, for successful web seo requires a process, a very fanciful strategy along with it is a long time. In particular, there are notes that seo absolutely should not be overlooked.

Prioritize static text and categorize articles according to specific topics and content

Every time we access the keywords in popular search engines currently typical Google, these tools will mobilize a lot of “bots” to search for websites with related content containing words. the key they look for. And these “bots” are programmed to prioritize the selection of static texts over dynamic content. Therefore, inserting a lot of static text into the website will be a smart way to attract these “bots”.

We always see that the content of articles on the website, if sorted and classified by each field, specific topics will bring a lot of convenience for visitors such as easily searching for The article shares the same topic as my interest, sees the science and vision of website builders, and makes it easier for “bots” to find relevant content.

Important keywords that represent the content of the text should always be placed at the beginning of the text. These keywords will help the “bot” can identify more easily the text containing content that meets the requirements of the visitor. Also, avoid inserting irrelevant keywords because these keywords can make your posts marked as spam by Google.

Create a logical sitemap and use the file “robot.txt” and create a friendly link for your website

Sitemaps play a very important role in a website, however, sitemaps will bring more effect to the “bot” than to the visitor. Therefore, the advice for seo people is to create the sitemap and then submit it to Google Webmaster Tool so that the “bot” can search your website easily during the collection process. data collection.