Tips for startups – part 1: Planning phase

Prepare mentally

Business is a marathon, not a sprint. You may have heard this many times. It is important to understand the difference between running a marathon and sprinting.

A marathon requires a plan from overarching to details before starting, so that it can be moderated while running in practice. A marathon is usually 26.2 miles long (42 km). If you spend all your energy in the first few miles, you will have nothing left for the rest of the race. In fact, the recommended rule is that the first half of the marathon should run a bit slower than the second half

Search for suitable mentors

Mentor will be your guide when things get tough. Whether you have a recruitment plan, marketing, product development or looking for a co-founder, mentors will help you make the right decisions. Find an experienced mentor in your industry. Having a mentor who can help promote your product to a wide network is an advantage for startups.

Find a co-founder

Co-founder can help you fill the gap in your management team. Do not be afraid to look for people with interests and strengths that are different from yours. For example, if you are strong in products, look for people who can handle marketing. However, look for someone have faith in your overview of the company they will contribute better.
Do what you love
Passion is one of the most important things in your career journey. You have to do something you’re passionate about. Try creating a solution to solve the problem. If you’re passionate about the product, make it more visible to investors, customers, and even your team.
Have a clear vision

The vision of the company and the product is the startup that must be before starting. When you are sure of what you want to achieve, or the problems that your product will deal with, it will be much easier to deal with changes or issues that arise during the implementation of the plan.