What is SEO career?

1. SEO job is not just like an IT job

IT stands for Information Technology. SEO with IT profession is not the same. Job SEO just need to edit documents, install the main software to serve Adwords running, analyzing and measuring results. More correct, it should be said, SEO profession

2. SEO does not need to have special knowledge of designing
High-level design skills may not be needed, but basic design skills are impossible if you want to pursue SEO career because you can’t optimize your website to get high rankings on Google’s search results if the site doesn’t have attractive images. SEO profession is related to Photoshop, video design and a little artistic ability. SEO standard articles should have attractive design photos.

3. SEO profession is just website optimization available with Google, so there is no need to know programming

In fact, it’s not so, because when optimizing something, you need to understand about it. The programming language is the language of the website. Only when you understand that language can you understand what the website needs. SEO profession does not need specialized knowledge of programming, but basic knowledge is indispensable.
4. SEO and Marketing careers have nothing to do with each other
This is a misleading mistake. SEO is a branch of SEM . In the current era, when online marketing is growing, SEO profession almost becomes an important job to run good marketing.

5. SEO skills can be self-taught
This confusion makes quite a lot of people spend their effort on self-learning, self-tinkering, and then the results are not as successful as they expected. Evidence is that there are thousands of websites with attractive domain names created every day, many posts but have never been on top10 Google. You should find a reputable, long-term experience center, clear materials to study, then practice.
We hope you will success